The 2013 Conquest Wheelchair Motorcycle

Specifically designed for handicapped motorcycle riders, the Conquest wheelchair motorcycle is the chance for those in a wheelchair to enjoy the open road once again.

Built for those who have served their country and lost the use of their legs or other riders who have become wheelchair bound;  the Conquest wheelchair motorcycle has a lock-in mechanism for a wheelchair built within a BMW chassis with three 17-inch alloy wheels and an 1170cc engine.  Even more impressive, the Conquest wheelchair motorcycle has enough extra space for a passenger. 

The driver and their wheelchair gain access to the motorcycle with a rearward lift ramp giving the driver access to the controls. Once the rider and wheelchair are in place, both are secured with a locking mechanism that releases easily with the simple push of a button.  The Conquest wheelchair motorcycle redlines at 8,000 RPM and has a speedometer that reaches 150 MPH. Another feature includes a device called a Kliktronic that was created to allow the rider to shift gears with the push of a button, including reverse.

Martin Conquest, based in the UK, has given exclusive rights to Mobility Works to manufacture the Conquest wheelchair motorcycle in the USA.  Mobility Conquest (the name of the new company created by Mobility Works) is based in Akron, Ohio, where the hope is production of the Conquest wheelchair motorcycle will give the area an economic boost.

The Conquest wheelchair motorcycle retails for $50,000, which is about the same as other vehicles adapted for the handicapped, but offers the open road, which is a ride some motorcycle riders thought they would never have a chance to take again.