Will Buying a Motorcycle Save You Money?

Piaggio XEvo 250ie Motor Scooter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With gas prices skyrocketing, consumers are looking for more ways to save money.  With numerous scooter and motorcycle options out there, many people are turning to two wheels instead of four.

There are many factors to consider if you are thinking of purchasing a motorcycle or scooter. A few years back, when gas prices started rising, dealerships were running out of scooter inventory and manufacturers were not making enough of them.  Supply has started to reach demand, as companies like American Honda Motor Corporation, American Suzuki Motor Corporation and Yamaha Motor Corporation have increased production and enhanced their scooter line-up.  Not only that, but several other less expensive brands, including Eton and Kymco, are selling scooters across the United States.  At the high end of things, you can find Aprilia and Vespa touting their Italian scooters as well throughout the US.

Scooters are popular because generally they come with automatic transmissions, making them user friendly for those afraid to use a clutch.  However, there are now some motorcycles entering the market that do not require the use of a clutch, making the thought of a motorcycle purchase even more enticing to someone who does not want to be seen on a scooter.

Consumers should do their research before they purchase a motorcycle for the sole purpose of saving money on gas.  Insurance for an inexperienced, younger driver can be quite expensive (it could actually cost a lot more than the money being saved on gasoline). A less than perfect driving record or a higher amount of auto insurance claims can affect those insurance costs as well. Another factor to consider is the cost of protective gear; including a helmet, a good jacket and pants, gloves and boots.  And, of course, it may be 80 degrees and sunny on the day the motorcycle or scooter is purchased, but when heading for work the next day in the cold and rain, one may be questioning their purchase.

Of course, there are millions of motorcycle owners that will say that the benefits far outweigh the costs and they do save hundreds of dollars when commuting to work on that motorcycle or running errands on that scooter.  If you are thinking of buying a motorcycle or scooter, as with all major purchases, make that list of reasons why and why not, no matter what you decide, you’ll be happy you did.