Motorcycle Training For All Riders

With the ever-increasing amount of older motorcycle riders on the road, the need for training even experienced riders has become a topic of discussion in Wisconsin. Similar to requirements for truck drivers, airplane pilots and others drivers to keep their skills sharp, updated training for the long time motorcycle rider should also be routine.

The state of Wisconsin is addressing this issue by offering a variety of specialized motorcycle courses to keep everyone a little safer on the roads. The Department of Transportation has made a serious effort to provide classes for all skill levels.

Currently on the law books, a new rider must pass a basic course in order to receive a motorcycle license. But, there are also basic classes offered for “returning riders” who maybe owned a bike in their 20’s, and now that the family is grown, they want to return to riding after a 30 year hiatus.  Not a bad idea, not sitting in class with beginners, although not as open-minded as the beginners, they learn a lot when they realize how much has changed since the 70’s.

Another class offered is a course specifically aimed toward the new three-wheeled motorcycle craze that has taken over the motorcycle industry. Even if you know how to drive a motorcycle, the three-wheeled bikes require a different set of skills and instructions as far as safety and maneuverability.

Riders who have been on the road for a while, looking for a refresher, can attend intermediate level classes.  These courses are designed to help the rider sharpen their skills.  Finally, advanced courses are available, and should be considered by all motorcyclists that have attended the other courses.

Safety is the big issue, the better a biker is trained, the better the chances are that an accident can be prevented.  Any thoughts on older riders taking courses?