Dodge’s Tomahawk Motorcycle: What Is It? | Power Sports and More

If you’re a motorcycle buff, then you might have heard about the legendary Dodge Tomahawk motorcycle. Built in 2003, only ten of these bad boys were ever made. They were named after the military cruise missile, which ought to give you an idea of how crazy, cool, and fast they were created to be. They made their debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, and ever since, they’ve graced the dreams of motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere. They’re by far one of the coolest vehicles ever to roll on wheels. You can’t beat the Dodge Tomahawk.

The Dodge Tomahawk has definitely made a name for itself over the past decade and a half; its status is borderline legendary. It’s got a reputation for being the most righteous motorcycle that Dodge (or any manufacturer for that matter) has ever constructed. But maybe you’ve never heard of this amazing bike, its specifications, and what it’s all about. If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about the Dodge Tomahawk.

The Tomahawk is a motorcycle manufactured by Dodge sixteen years ago in 2003. It made its big debut the same year at the Detroit International Auto Show. It carries a reputation as the fastest motorcycle to have ever been created, and it also has four wheels! It’s definitely not your standard crotch rocket; it’s a special breed and it deserves its place among vehicular legends.

There’s a lot to love about the Tomahawks. They’re sleek, shiny, and silver; made of billet aluminum. They have a deeper rumble than a lot of other bikes when you start them up. Chrysler’s COO, Wolfgang Bernhard, was said to be psyched about the prospect of manufacturing these bad boys. Their projected cost of creation was under $200,000 per unit, and they ended up clocking in right around $100,000 sans engineering costs.

After the original was made, nine replicas were sold at $555,000 a piece. This is an expensive ride for sure, but it was undoubtedly well worth the dough to own one of these impressive pieces of motorcycle history. Anyone rich enough to get their hands on one of these is definitely the subject of a lot of envy.

The Dodge Tomahawk motorcycle can reach 60 mph in 2.5 seconds, which is a pretty incredible feat. It also has a mind-blowing theoretical top speed of almost 400 mph. It contains a Viper V10 engine with the following specs:

  • 356-T6 aluminum alloy block with cast-iron liners and aluminum alloy cylinder heads
  • Sequential fuel injection with individual runners
  • 500 bhp (372 kW) at 5,600 rpm (60.4 bhp/liter); 525 lb.-ft (712 Nm) at 4,200 rpm
  • Two pushrod operated overhead valves for every cylinder with roller-type hydraulic lifters
  • 10-cylinder 90-degree V-type, liquid-cooled, and 505 cubic inches
  • Cooling handled by two radiators (aluminum) mounted on the engine intake manifolds and powered by a front-mounted, belt-driven turbine fan
  • Holds 11 quarts of antifreeze

Since only ten models were made of the Dodge Tomahawk motorcycle, and there are even more lesser-known facts about it that are definitely of much interest. Check them out!

Motorcycles are only legally allowed to have three wheels, which means the Dodge Tomahawk motorcycle is illegal to drive on the road. This led Chrysler to classify it as a “rolling sculpture.” Honestly, though, who would want to let something like the Tomahawk just sit around? I’m betting the buyers found a nice private place to give it a try.

Did you know that the Dodge Tomahawk was only made from 2003 to 2006? That certainly makes it a very exclusive and elite ride!

The Tomahawk never underwent a road test, although it’s commonly said to be the fastest motorcycle on the planet. This may be due to the fact that it utilizes the same engine as the Dodge Viper. Talk about powerful!

Whether you’re an avid biker, a motorcycle enthusiast, or simply a casual reader, you have to admit that the Dodge Tomahawk motorcycle is one of the most impressive feats of modern engineering. This vehicle is supposedly the fastest motorcycle to have ever been created and only ten of them have ever been made!

Only a few people own one of these beautiful bikes, and they should be proud to own such amazing pieces of vehicular history. So if by chance you see one of these elite bikes slow down and take a gander. It may be the only time you catch a glimpse of the Dodge Tomahawk motorcycle.