Motorcycle Recalls: BMW S 1000RR, Triumph Trophy and BRP Spyders

Three new motorcycle recalls were issued at the end of 2012 that could affect over 36,000 motorcycles on the road or sitting on showroom floors.

The Triumph Trophy Motorcycle Recall

Affecting potentially 283 motorcycles and including the fact that none of these motorcycles have been sold to consumers, the recall involving certain 2013 Triumph Trophy’s will be corrected easily.  The recall has been issued due to incorrect information listed on tire replacement labels.

The labels contained incorrect tire data and could have resulted in incorrect replacement tires, which could increase the risk of personal injury.  Triumph will begin shipping the Trophy to dealers in January, giving the factory and dealerships the opportunity to ensure the correct information is on the label prior to consumers taking the motorcycle.

The BMW S 1000RR Motorcycle Recalls

The second recall for certain 2012 and 2013 model year BMW S 1000RR motorcycles involves the possibility of the side stand becoming loose and the motorcycle falling over. The motorcycle could fall over on the rider or bystanders and result in a serious injury.  The first recall involving these motorcycles was issued in the spring of 2012 for an engine flaw that could result in failures from “thrown rods.”  The current recall, affecting approximately 2,385 motorcycles, with build dates between September 2011 through December 2012, can be repaired at BMW dealers with a simple cleaning of the side stand mounting plate threads and replacement of the mounting plate bolts.

The BRP Spyder Motorcycle Recalls

BRP has actually issued two separate recalls, both involving fuel vapors that could be a potential fire hazard.  Approximately 33,700 Can-Am Spyder GS, RS and RT model years 2008 to 2012 have a potential problem with the fuel cap not fitting properly on the fuel tank filler neck.  The improper fit will prevent the cap from sealing properly and thus releasing fuel vapors that could result in a fire or personal injury in the presence of an ignition source.  Owners of these motorcycles will be sent a free replacement fuel cap that will eliminate any potential hazards.  The second recall does not involve the gas cap, but instead is related to the fuel vapor canister vent hose that can potentially leak fuel vapors. The 2008 to 2009 Spyder GS models and the 2010 Spyder RS models are included in this second recall, approximately 9,600 motorcycles in all, and will need to be taken to a BMW dealer for inspection and possible replacement and re-routing of the fuel vapor canister vent hose.

As with all motorcycle recalls, consumers will be notified from the manufacturer instructing them of what to do in regards to their specific recall.  Concerned consumers can also contact the Consumer Safety Commission, the manufacturer of their motorcycle or their local dealer if they would like additional information on the status of their motorcycle.