Boy Scouts Recruit With ATVs and Personal Watercraft

As a way to entice teenage boys to stay in the Boy Scouts or even get teenage boys to join the Boy Scouts of American, last year the organization tested a program involving the use of All Terrain Vehicles and Personal Watercraft and this year the program is going all out.

Many scouts learn how to camp, hike, build campfires and bond with their friends.  Learning to ride an ATV or personal watercraft has never been a part of being a scout, and yet the land, lakes and rugged terrain work perfect as a backdrop for teaching these teenagers how to ride them safely and responsibly, as well as maintaining them.

After the Boy Scouts of America did a survey on what teenagers would like to do if they joined the scouts, motorized vehicles came in fourth, and last year they trained over 600 new riders.

With 28 nationwide camps, the support of major manufacturers including American Honda Motor Corporation and local dealers, the Boy Scouts of America are providing ASI-trained instructors to teach these teenagers to safely operate these vehicles and how to do oil changes and minor maintenance. Other lessons the scouts are learning include choosing protective gear, appropriate-sized vehicles, and being responsible for the land they are using.

What a great way to get teenage boys safely involved in a great sport, maybe the Girl Scouts of America can join in the fun.