The 2016 Yamaha YFZ450R High Performance ATV

Looking to go fast on the nearest ATV motocross track? Look no further than the race-ready Yamaha YFZ450R Sport ATV; the technological advances on this machine make it the fastest yet one of the most lightweight sport atvs on the market. Available in either Team Yamaha Blue/ White with an MSRP of $8899 or the Yellow/Black Special edition with an MSRP of $9199.00, this sport ATV comes straight from the Yamaha factory ready to win.

The Race-Ready Engine

With a compact counterbalanced engine, vibration is reduced and at the same time the titanium five-valve 449cc fuel-injected engine provides superb power off the line and lots of midrange to to-end power.  The oil tank is housed in the crankcase which helps to centralize the mass, which is in a lightweight aluminum/steel chassis.

The Advanced Frame

Assisting in providing in the mass centralization and for additional strength and a lower profile, the frame member under the engine is steel.  The rest of the frame is not only composed of lightweight aluminum, but is also bolted together, rather than welded, to provide maximum durability.

The Aggressive Bodywork

The YFZ450R offers excellent ergonomics and rider comfort.  The seat is not only padded in all the right places for room to hang off the corners, it is also narrow in the front and wider in the rear to reduce fatigue.  Without the need for tools, or removing the battery, the body work comes off easily in any situation.  The adjustable, tapered handlebar offers four different positions and the generous 2.6 inch wide foot pegs provide even more comfort.

The Advanced Cylinder Head

With 5 titanium valves, the 449cc liquid-cooled engine with dual overhead cams has a higher compression ratio to further improve the already powerful engine performance in the Yamaha yfz450r sport ATV.  Riders will find an abundance of power in the mid-range to top end and really feel the “hit” right off of idle.

Fuel Injection

The 2016 Yamaha YFZ450R uses the Yamaha Fuel Injection system for precise fuel delivery.  Fuel delivery comes through a 42mm Mikuni throttle body with a 12-hole injector system providing maximum power.  The system also includes ISC (Idle Speed Control) for reliable, quick and easy start and warm up.

Assist and Slipper Clutch

The Yamaha YFZ450R sport ATV is the first ATV to have an assist and slipper clutch with reduces clutch effort by 25% and increases clutch plate pressure for positive engagement. Engine braking is also reduced which allows for faster cornering when downshifting and the suspension to absorb bumps better during braking.

Some of the other features on the 2016 Yamaha YFZ450R include the high-performance shocks which provide 9.8 inches of wheel travel and the rear swingarm offers 11.0 inches of rear wheel travel for comfort on even tough terrain. To keep fatigue at a minimum, the throttle lever requires low effort. A discreet panel on the front fender gives the rider constant information about fuel level, coolant temperature, check engine and neutral  gear on an easy to read LED display.

A great choice for fun or racing, the 2016 Yamaha YFZ450R sport ATV is one of the best high performance ATV’s on the market today.