Why You Should Purchase Your Yamaha Generator From A Yamaha Dealer

The Internet has become a place where people can shop 24/7. Yet, there are times you should consider some of your major purchases from a local firm as opposed to an unknown distributor of a product you are looking for. You will also find local companies that claim to carry a product you need at a great price, only to get to the store and find out that you are purchasing an off brand without any confidence that the product will work next week, and no where to turn when it doesn’t.

A Yamaha Generator is one of these products.

You can walk into any discount store and find generators for sale, even some that are name brand, but once you buy the generator, where do you turn when you have a problem? That sales clerk that sold you that “Yamaha” generator, didn’t mention that it was actually a blue generator that looks like a Yamaha, but is actually an off brand made to look like a Yamaha. And once you have a problem, and that clerk can’t help you (all she could do was sell it to you), you head to your local Yamaha dealer. The service rep at the dealer takes one look at it and tells you it’s not a Yamaha generator and they cannot get the parts to fix that off brand you just bought.

That same scenario can be repeated on an Internet purchase. Sure, you got a great price, and maybe even free shipping, but you are taking the same risk. The Yamaha dealer in your neighborhood will be happy to work on it when it needs repair, but because you bought it on-line, the generator was not properly warranty registered – you have no warranty when you thought you had a three year warranty!

At a Yamaha dealer, you will not only be assured you are buying a Yamaha Generator, you will also have the benefit of a knowledgeable sales staff that can provide you with the generator that is right for you. You can also be confident that the generator will be warranty registered to you and you will enjoy the benefit of the full warranty. Parts will also be readily available and perhaps ordered with a phone call, since the dealership has all the information about the generator you purchased. Finally, should you have a problem, you will have a qualified technician repairing your generator.

So if you are considering the purchase of a Yamaha Generator, check out your local dealer before checking out the Internet. Sometimes peace of mind is worth those few extra dollars.