How To Stay Warm On Your Motorcycle

Sometimes summer can seem awfully short when you ride a motorcycle, and even if you live in warm temperatures, there are still a lot of accessories you can purchase for yourself and your motorcycle. Here are some ideas that will keep you warm on those chilly nights or when taking that scenic ride on a cool fall day.

First and foremost, a helmet is important for safety, but it can keep you warm too. Consider a full-face helmet instead of a half helmet. You can find snowmobile helmets with heated shields that not only provide warmth, but can also keep your shield from fogging up.

Secondly, you can find heated gloves, jackets, pants, vests and boots. There are many manufacturers out there that sell heated apparel. Some of this apparel connects to your motorcycle, so make sure you find a dealership that knows how to wire your motorcycle correctly. An inexperienced person may connect heated clothing improperly, causing the battery to drain, or not allow the charging system to work properly. Other products offer battery packs that connect directly to the clothing. You can also find apparel that offers different wattage outputs. Remember when you are wearing heated apparel not to overdress.

Finally, look into accessories available for your motorcycle to help keep you warm. A windshield can deflect wind and rain for a more comfortable ride. Heated grips or hand guards are also available for most motorcycles. You can even find heated seats for most motorcycles and scooters.