Where to Vacation on a Motorcycle

Looking for a place to take your ride this summer?  There are winding and scenic roads that can be found all over the United States giving motorcycle riders the joy of riding along with the relaxation of a vacation.

Here are some places you may want to check out:

  1. US Route 129 – also known as “The Tail of the Dragon” This road, in North Carolina, has over 318 turns on an 11-mile route.  This road offers excitement and thrills, so if it’s a relaxing ride as opposed to an adventure you are looking for, maybe this one isn’t for you.
  2. Virginia to West Virginia – Route 33 through Shenandoah Valley:  This route is a 65-mile stretch of highway, more of a scenic ride as opposed to thrill ride. Riding through National Forests and looking down from a mountain peak or up from a valley floor can give you a breathtaking view.
  3. California Pacific Coast Highway – Route 1: Driving from north to south allows you to stop your ride on one of the turn offs and enjoy the ocean.  Waves crashing on the surf, miles of beautiful beaches and foot cliffs overlooking the sea make for lots of stops, so give yourself some time to view all the scenery this route has to offer.
  4. Natchez Trace Parkway: 444 miles through centuries of history offers the vacationer a chance to learn some of our nations history as well as ride through some beautiful scenery.  The road can be accessed from over 50 roads in Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi.  One of the sights to include on your list should be Jackson Falls or consider going in the fall to enjoy the changing colors.

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There are many places to vacation on your motorcycle.  If it seems to far to take your motorcycle, consider getting to one of these locations by plane and renting a motorcycle when you get there.

We’d love to hear about great places to ride, please send us your comments and picture of places you’ve been.