Allstate Helps Promote Motorcycle Awareness

As May has been officially designated Motorcycle Awareness month, Allstate Insurance Company has announced their plans to permanently install motorcycle warning signs at intersections considered the most dangerous in 30 major U.S. cities.

The warning signs will all be standard in size and design, a simple yellow diamond shaped sign with black wording that simply says WATCH FOR MOTORCYCLES.  A familiar looking sign to all motorists indicating a simple safety message, preventing just one of the 3 deaths per day that occur with motorcycles at intersections is a great way to start off Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.  These permanent signs will be replacing the 140 temporary Allstate sponsored signs that were put up throughout 2010 and 2011.

Allstate has donated the signs with the help of funds raised in their “Once is Never Enough” (ONE) program, an campaign to promote drivers to look twice at intersections for motorcycles.  Additional funds can be raised when consumers go to the Allstate Facebook page and take the ONE Pledge, for every pledge, Allstate will donate a $1 towards the creation and installation of these permanent signs.

The first sign was installed on May 1st in Atlanta, Georgia and will continue to pop up at intersections hoping to familiarize drivers with the message and making the roads safer for everyone.