UTV and ATV Implements – Bolt-On Hydraulic PTO is now available.

If you are looking for some UTV or ATV implements to work on your lawn or acreage, that work great and are priced right, ProManPTO has just released some Hydraulic PTO (Power Take-Off) implements that include a rough-cut mower, some finish mowers, a flail mower, a high-powered leaf and debris mower and a bi-directional log splitter. These are utv with pto or ATV

These UTV and ATV implements offer unique features and cost savings to thousands of owners of UTVs and ATVs:

ATV and UTV With PTO: Installation of the UTV / ATV Implements

The initial installation to any UTV or ATV is said to take only 15 minutes and the purchase of any of the implements includes an installation video.  Once installed, the implements can be removed in a few minutes with the connect/disconnect feature. Turning the workhorse into the fun machine in no time at all. The implements can be installed on the front or the rear of the machine. These implements also allow for additional maneuverability that cannot be achieved with compact tractors.

Powering the Implements for ATV / UTV With PTO

Hydraulic PTO is the transfer of the excess horsepower from the ATV or UTV being used to power the implements.  The mowers and leaf blower can be used with any ATV or UTV that have a minimum 500cc engine size.  The current hydraulic PTO fits the Grizzly 660 from Yamaha, the 650cc and 750cc Kawasaki Brute Force, Suzuki’s 700 and 750 King Quad models and Polaris Rangers in the 700cc and 800cc range. Keeping the vehicles cooler clean is achieved through a mini microprocessor controlled fan reverser that continues blowing and sucking air in set intervals across the radiator for ATV/ UTV with PTO.

ATV / UTV With PTO: Cost Savings

Taking the place of farm or lawn equipment, these hydraulically powered UTV and ATV implements will replace expensive gas-powered equipment and costly fuel, while maintenance and repair costs will be minimal. The major purchase is the UTV or ATV, the additional costs, depending on the implement, start at around $2495.  Considering a rough cut mower on a John Deere compact tractor can run over $20,000, this is a serious option to be considered.

Finally, the installation of the ProManPTO UTV or ATV implements creates a new use for vehicles originally purchased for fun, hauling, or hunting. Riding a UTV or ATV offers more comfort and since they have shocks, can elimante backaches. Front installation allows the rider to see what he is doing as he is doing it, not looking backward continually, straining the neck.  Cost savings, the green effect, making your UTV or ATV more versatile are all great reasons for looking into these great UTV and ATV implements.