Electric Scooters – How Long Can You Ride?

Consumers will be able to purchase an Electric Motorcycle capable of exceeding the 100 mile range by February of 2012.

With the intent of providing motorcycle owners with an electric motorcycle that is fun, looks great and is economical, Zero Motorcycle has designed some street cruisers, dual-purpose and off-road models with a two year warranty and a power pack that can last up to 308,000 miles.

Both the Zero S, a street cruiser, and the Zero DS, a dual-sport bike, can hit top speeds of 85mph and 80mph, respectively.  All street models, including the Zero XU, allow the rider to recoup energy during deceleration with their regenerative brakes and brushless motors.

Although the Zero X was designed for trail riding, it is available in a street legal version with mirrors and lights. The Zero MX, an awesome motocross electric bike is available for off road only.

Although a little pricey, these electric motorcycles look great, can go long distances and will save the rider on both gas and routine powertrain maintenance, resulting in an overall savings over many years of riding. There is also a chance the owner could be eligible for a federal tax credit when they purchase one of these. Check out the Zero Motorcycle website for details and where to find a dealer.