Top 10 Honda Motorcycles You May Want To Own

Honda Motorcycles Lead The Way

Honda has successfully carved its name in the motorcycling world, maintaining its lead as the largest manufacturer of motorcycles across the globe. Honda motorcycles are known for their leading edge innovations in technological advancement. Honda’s broad experiences with motorcycle racing gives the company the inside track on the fastest rides. Among the models this Japanese motorcycle manufacturer continues to produce include the top ranked Goldwing, the CBR1000RR and CBR600RR sportsbikes, the family of CRF dirt bikes, and an entire lineup of cruisers, scooters and ATVs. Here is a quick overview of 10 of these Japanese bikes.

Best Honda Motorcycles For Beginners

2009 Honda Rebel. This model is a favorite for beginners and the most commonly used when conducting motorcycle-training classes. It’s an entry-level bike that is both stylish and easy to handle, making it a great choice for motorcycle novices. It features an air-cooled, 234cc parallel twin engine. For about $4000, you’ll be riding home on this motorcycle.

2011 Honda CBR250. Brand new in 2011, the CBR250R is a fuel-injected, single-cylinder sportbike also favoring a low seat height and great affordability. If you are looking for “sport” instead if “cruise, starting at $3999, this could be the bike for you.

2011 Honda CRF23OL. Want something to take you on the trails and the road? Consider this bike with a 223cc single-cylinder engine featuring an electric start. With all its versatility it is another great choice for beginners. You can find this bike for about $4999.

2009 Honda CRF23OM. This beginner’s bike shares some similarities with the CRF230L, but this model boasts a lower seat, 0.2 inches shorter then the CRF230L. For only a few hundred dollars more than its sister bike, the CRF230L, this bike is another great option.

2011 Honda Family of Shadow 750’s. With four different models to choose from, all boasting low seat heights, liquid cooled V twin engines and impressive handling, the only choice you need to make is which one provides you the most comfort. Despite its power, beginners would be at home riding any of these models starting at around $6999.

Best Honda Motorcycles For The More Experienced and Advanced Riders

2011 Honda CBR600. This 600cc bike is perfect when you are ready to move up to a bigger bike that is great for the road, but also perfect for the track. Both lightweight and powerful, this fuel-injected motorcycle with a liquid cooled engine is available with your choice of colors and an optional ABS braking system.

2011 CB1000R. This Honda motorcycle hit the market in Spring of 2011. Some consider it a “naked” bike, as this 998cc engine is sitting out in front for everyone to see. Starting at $10,999, this is a great option for the experienced rider looking for something new.

Honda VTX 1300’s. Just like the 750’s, there are different models to choose from in the 1300cc range with a variety of options to fit any rider’s needs. Liquid-cooled, 52 degree v-twin engines are available in a classic retro styling, street rod styling or a combination of both! You can find these bikes used starting as low as $5,000 or find new ones starting at around $9999.

Honda Motorcycles For Long Rides

The Honda Goldwing. If you are into traveling the interstate highways, then this Honda motorcycle may just be the ride you are looking for. Although the Goldwing has change throughout the years, new or used this bike is made for touring comfort. Features like adjustable windshields, anti-lock braking systems, cruise control, and endless options for awesome audio systems, make this a great choice. It made its debut in 1975 and still runs the thoroughfares all these years.

2010 Honda ST1300. Combining the luxury of a Goldwing and the performance of a Sportbike, this touring motorcycle has a powerful V-4 engine and side mounted hard saddlebags making it a perfect choice for riders who love long distance rides or carving through winding roads. You can find this bike for under $10,000 used and starting new at around $16,000.

Whether you are looking for a beginner’s bike, a sportbike, cruiser or tourer, you are sure to find your kind of ride from among the wide array of Honda motorcycles.