The New 2013 Honda CRF110F replaces the popular Honda CRF70F

American Honda Motor Corporation has introduced the Honda CRF110F, the newest of the Honda youth model off-road bikes to hit the market.  The new Honda CRF110F will be replacing the CRF70F, not the CRF80F, as some may think. Usually when the displacement number in the model designation goes up, so does the power, but Honda is planning on the CRF110F being the perfect upgrade when a child outgrows a CRF50F but is not quite ready for the CRF80F.

The Honda CRF70F versus the Honda CRF110F

The CRF70F came with a low seat height of 25.8 inches and the CRF110F has a seat height of only 26.3 inches, which offers a child that has grown more rapidly in height then experience the chance to continue to learn on a four-speed dirtbike with an automatic clutch as opposed the CRF70F’s three-speed automatic clutch.  The additional gear gives the bike more power, but now a parent has an adjustable throttle limiter to allow the right amount of throttle based on the experience of the child.  Another great feature that provides more convenience is the electric start button along with a back-up kick-start.  The one similarity of the Honda CRF110F to the Honda CRF70F is the price. The MSRP for the CRF110F starts at $1999, which is only $30 higher than the 2012 CRF70F.  It can truly be said that the CRF70F has been replaced with a better product with more features at nearly the same price.

Why the Honda CRF110F and not the CRF80F

The CRF80F may have a smaller displacement than the CRF110F, but there are some significant differences that parents should consider when moving their child up off a CRF50F.  The CRF80F has a much taller seat height at 28.9 inches, which can make managing this off-road bike a little challenging.  Along with the higher seat height is the fact that the CRF80F has a conventional clutch with a five-speed manual transmission, so now moving up from a Honda CRF110F to a Honda CRF80F makes more sense.  Once the child has mastered the CRF110F and is ready to learn how to use a clutch, the upgrade from the CRF110F to the CRF80F is not as drastic as it was when moving from a CRF70F to a CRF80F.

As in any case with kids on dirtbikes, parents should consider all of their options when making such an important purchase.  Many parents with children that are a little bit older and taller may start their kids out on a Honda CRF110F as opposed to the CRF50F now that they have an adjustable throttle and a bigger engine that may not be outgrown as quickly as the CRF50F.

Finally, remember to gear up.  Whether your child is riding a Honda CRF110F or any other model of dirtbike or motorcycle, they should always wear a helmet, boots, goggles, gloves and clothing that comes with protective padding.