The Honda Valkyrie & Other 1832cc Bikes

American Honda Motor Corporation has been producing the Honda Goldwing since 1974. The Honda Goldwing has had many face and engine changes throughout the years. The current three motorcycles in the Honda Gold Wing family are detailed below:

The Honda Goldwing:

The 2013 Honda Goldwing and the 2014 Honda Goldwing are made from the same mold. The Ultimate tourer – the 2014 Goldwing has an 1832cc flat-six engine and all kind of comfort features for both the rider and passenger. Heated seats, heated grips, plenty of storage space and a design the offers plenty of weather protection. Other great features that are stock on the Honda Gold Wing include the I-Pod connectivity and the Satellite Limited Navigation System with XM Radio, weather and traffic reports and the driver’s fingertips.

The Honda Goldwing F6B:

The Honda Goldwing F6B was introduced to the public as “this is not your father’s Goldwing” and how true that is. The Goldwing F6B is a trimmed down version of the original Goldwing. With a shorty windscreen, sleek integrated saddlebags, and I-pod hookup, this bike can take you places. Just like the original Goldwing, the F6B also comes with an 1832cc flat-six engine.

The Honda Goldwing Valkyrie:

The Honda Valkyrie was a popular motorcycle in the 80’s and 90’s and Honda stopped producing them for a time period. The 2015 Honda Valkyrie is completely revamped and looking really great, not just trimmed down, like the F6B, but stripped down into an 1832cc flat-six powered machine. The sport-bike inspired chassis is great for both the city commute and long road trips.

A Bit of History:

The Honda Rune was a monster version of the Honda Valkyrie back in 2004 and 2005. There were 1500 limited edition Honda Valkyrie Runes produced with the 1832cc engine and you still see them on the road today.

Honda has been the leader in touring machines, and the Honda Goldwing Family has expanded into three great models to appeal to many different motorcycle touring riders.