Rider Insurance and Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Rider Insurance, an insurance company currently helping consumers insure their motorcycles, dirt bikes and ATV’s in 7 states, has joined other organizations in promoting May as “Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month”.

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month is a way to promote safety for both motorcyclists as well as car and truck drivers on the roads.

For motorcyclists, it’s a reminder to wear protective gear, follow the rules of the road, remember to be visible to other motorists, and to obtain proper training and licensing.

For automobile and truck drivers, it’s a reminder to check mirrors and blind spots for motorcycles, both at intersections and when changing lanes, and to not be a distracted driver by texting or talking on their cell phone.

Rider Insurance will be running daily promotions in honor of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month for the entire month of May on their Facebook page.  Consumers will have the chance to win safety apparel, training courses and other prizes to promote motorcycle safety.

Bright yellow stickers and decals which read, “watch for motorcycles” can be picked up at the Rider booths at events throughout the states of Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia for no charge. Rider is also giving away reflective helmet stickers.