Suzuki Motorcycles USA Once Again Rewards Its Riders

Suzuki Motorcycles USA Carries on Magnanimous Tradition

All racers know that racing is an uphill ride and danger is your stiffest competitor. And Suzuki Motorcycles USA, officially known as American Suzuki Motor Corporation or ASMC very well know that racers are pushing themselves to gain their spot on the winners podium. To reward racers for their hard work and for choosing to ride Suzuki, the leading motorcycle company came up with the Suzuki Contingency Program 26 years ago that supports both amateur and pro racers of the Motocross and Road Race divisions. Suzuki’s Contingency program has become a company tradition year after year.

For the 2012 racing season, the leading motorcycle company is continuing this free-handed support, and is pleased to make known to the public that it is allotting $4.2 million in contingency, as announced by its amateur support manager, Pat Alexander. This is in support for the best racing talents and their way of rewarding racers who buy the RM/RM-Z and GSX-R lines of motorcycles. These are the specific 2011 and 2012 models eligible for the program:



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How You Can Earn A Portion of the Contingency Offered by Suzuki Motorcycles USA

You probably already know the four general steps towards earning the reward: (1) join, (2) race, (3) win, (4) get paid. Nonetheless, we have listed vital details for you to ensure that you earn your part of the prize.

1. To register, participants 13 years or older can simply fill out the online registration, while participants 13 years old and below must register using the paper registration form. A confirmation email is your cue that you have been accepted into the program.

2. Make sure that you own (you must be the Warranty registered owner) the Suzuki motorcycle you are riding. Your Suzuki must be one of those listed above; your motorcycle must have a Yellow Front Fender and still bear the Suzuki Logo.

3. You must have a valid US address, US Social Security number or taxpayer ID number.

4. Suzuki Motorcycles USA will only be paying two classes, and if you have registered your motorcycle for more than two classes, you will be rewarded only for the two highest earning amounts. There will be no payments if the class you are in has less than the required number of racers.

5. When you win a place, expect Suzuki Motorcycles USA to reward you by mail with the Suzuki Contingency Card, which can be used only at authorized Suzuki dealerships in the US. This card can be reloaded multiple times so expect money to be loaded to it all through the year each time you compete and win a place. There are over 130 racing events to join this year.

In the 2011 amateur events, Suzuki Motorcycle USA boosted their free technical trackside support which offered technical advice and made emergency parts available at discounted prices to help racers get back on track as fast as they love to race. Riders should expect the same for this racing season. More information on the where, what, when and how of the Suzuki Contingency Program can be found on