Sport ATV Accessories – Some Choices To Consider

Now that you purchased that Sport ATV, it’s time to consider some accessories. There are many ways to accessorize Utility ATV’s; a winch, a plow, gun racks, but there are also a lot of options available for Sport ATV’s. Here are a few suggestions for you to consider.

Appearance and Protection: When it comes to protection, consider a cover for you ATV. Although you may keep it in the garage, it can still get scratched or covered with dust, you can find covers for under $50. ATV Alarm GPS tracking systems, ATV alarms, cable locks and chains are available in a wide range of prices to fit your budget.

Skid Plates and Nerf Bars offer protection for both your ATV and you. A skid plate prevents the underbody of the ATV from getting damaged in high terrain. The Nerf Bars will protect your feet and legs if your foot slips off the peg.

Comfort and Convenience and Safety Look for GPS holders, cell phone holders and even drink holders to keep your personal items protected. Gel handlebar grips, Gel Seats and a good pair of gloves help prevent rider fatigue.

Hand guards can prevent flying debris from hitting your hands, but can also provide protection from the wind.

Performance Products: Air box covers are great for protection and performance, while deflecting dirt and debris from your air box, and usually water repellent, these covers also allow for maximum airflow. Complete exhaust systems or slip-on exhaust systems are made by quite a few manufacturers to improve performance, sound and appearance. If the full system is too costly, consider a slip-on exhaust.

As far as tire kits go, the general rule of thumb is that larger tires will reduce the power of your ATV due to the ATV’s gear ratio. However, that being said, Wheel kits can increase traction, give you better braking performance and be designed for specific terrain, which can ultimately give you a better ride.

You can even find products that are just for fun. Number Plates and stickers are available on-line and in dealerships to help you personalize your ATV. GPS holders, cell phone holders and even drink holders are also available specifically for your ATV. So accessorize away and have fun!