Getting Acquainted With Honda Motorcycle Parts

No matter how dialed in your Honda motorcycle was the first time you took it out for a ride, the day will come when you will need to buy parts, for maintenance or replacement. So if that day is now, or somewhere down the road, you are in great luck because most Honda motorcycle parts are readily available either online or at your local dealer. Here are a few things you may want to know about these parts before making the purchase and can give you some insight when buying online if they are genuine Honda parts.

Classifications of Honda Motorcycle PartsThe leading Japanese motorcycle company categorizes Honda motorcycle parts into two general classifications: the General Parts and the Standard Parts. All the parts on a Honda motorcycle have a distinct part number, however, do not be surprised to find a particular part which is assigned with several part numbers instead of just one. The several part numbers mean that there are minor differences in the part, like different suppliers. Let us take a closer look on the two broad categories of these parts.

General Honda Motorcycle PartsThe parts that are unique to Honda fall under the classification General Parts. These include gas tanks, pistons, valves and the like. The part number of a General part is separated into three segments. For example, the part number for a General part clutch friction plate for the CL160 is 22201-217-600.

The first series of numbers, 22201-xxx-xxx, reflect the Honda function and component number for that particular part. To help you understand this better, take the CB 160 clutch friction plate as an example. It has various part numbers. All of these numbers carry the same function/component number, which is 22201. In comparison, the function/component code for clutch steel plates slightly differs, which is 22311. This denotes that this part has the same function but different component.

Now let’s take a look at the second series of numbers, xxxxx-217-xxx, which represents the product code, also called Parts Classification Number among Honda people. These digits pinpoint the particular motorcycle where that part was initially used. The product code 217 reveals that the CB/CL clutch friction plates were initially used in the CB160, although you can spot identical plates with this product code in subsequent Honda motorcycles. You can also find CB160 parts that carry the product code 028, revealing that it was initially used in the S90.

If the General part has a different product code, this means that it is “reused” from other Honda bike models. In the case of parts in CB 160, only the parts bearing the product code 217 were originally devised for the said model. When working out if a certain Honda motorcycle part from a different model can substitute a part from another, the product code can give you a clue.

The last set of numbers, xxxxx-xxx-000 is known as the Classification Number. It represents the different suppliers or improvements for that particular part. If there is a color code, it is affixed at the tail of the classification number as digits (or letters) 4 & 5.

Standard Honda Motorcycle PartsThe parts that adhere to universal standards, like nuts, bolts and similar components, belong to the Standard Parts. These parts have a part number that is separated into two segments. For example, the part number for the 6mm x 32 mm pan screw for the right side engine cover is 93500-06032.

The first series of numbers represent the function/type of the Standard part. 93500-xxxxx represents all pan screws. The second segment reveals the dimensions for the part. Sometimes standard parts bear a third series of numbers, which stand for the ISO standard designation and chemical surface treatment.

With a basic understanding of how Honda motorcycle parts are classified and numbered, looking for a replacement part is made a little easier, however, all you need is your year, make and model, and you can find your parts on-line at a dealer that uses a parts look-up, or call your local dealer and they will be able to provide you with the parts you need.