Speed and Strength – Motorcycle Gear With A Statement

Speed and Strength is a line of motorcycle gear carried exclusively by Tucker Rocky Distributing, and aftermarket company that has providing high quality, lower cost replacement parts for powersports vehicles as well as helmets, jackets, boots and other apparel for riders everywhere.

The line of Speed and Strength helmets includes both on-road and off-road helmets for both adults and youths. One of their most popular on road helmets is the Speed and Strength SS2500 which, depending on the color and style, ranges in price from $199.95 to $219.95.

The SS2500 model names are:

• “Hell ‘N Back” – a solid matte black full face helmet with the logo across the bottom on the helmet • “Urge Overkill” – matte black with the speed and strength logo on the side and some cool red and white graphics • “Solid Speed” – a solid colored helmet available in gloss silver, gloss black and matte black without graphics and a small logo on the visor

• “Lunatic Fringe” – A gloss white and black helmet with graphics throughout

Another popular on-road helmet available is the Speed and Strength SS700 helmet, ranging in price from $89.95 to $109.95.

The SS700 model names are:

• “Dogs of War” – available in matte red/white/blue, matte black/charcoal or matte black/red – with graphics that include the words dogs of war, dog tags and other military designs • “Tapout Moto” – available in either matte black/white/red or matte black/charcoal and bold red and white graphics • “Go For Broke” – a matte black helmet with the words Speed and Strength along the chin in a matte grey • “Top Dead Center” – for those who want to be seen, this helmet is available in gloss green, gloss blue, gloss red, gloss grey and gloss pink, all come with black and white graphics • “To The Nines” – wavy graphics worked into a choice of pink, black or silver

• “Solid Speed” – just like the name – a solid colored helmet with a small logo on the top can be found in gloss black, gloss silver, matte black, gloss white and gloss wineberry.

Speed and Strength Apparel

Speed and Strength also carries a full line of both men’s and women’s jackets. Speed and Strength jackets are available in leather, textile or mesh material and many come with removable protectors and shields. For a Speed and Strength jacket you can spend as much as $499.95 to as low as $99.95 depending on the type of jacket you are looking for.

Keeping both your hands and feet protected, Speed and Strength shoes and boots come in an array of styles and colors for both men and women and are stylish on or off a motorcycle. Just like the jackets, the Speed and Strength gloves are available in leather, textile and mesh and are also available in men’s or women’s sizes.

It should also be noted that the Speed and Strength line of gear was founded by Mike Ritland, a navy seal fighter from operation Iraqi Freedom, with the sole purpose of giving back to the Nay Seal and special operations community, specifically the warrior dog foundation. The warrior dog foundation takes care of the dogs that helped fight along with the special operation forces and now cares for them so they can be treated with dignity and grace.