Shopping for Suzuki Motorcycle Parts – Aftermarket or OEM?

At some point in your Suzuki motorcycle’s life, you will probably have to face this choose, OEM or Aftermarket Parts? You may need to replace a part because it is broke, or instead you may choose to upgrade something on your Suzuki. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. The answer would hinge on several factors: your budget, the manufacturer’s guarantee, purpose of the replacement, and many more. To help you make an informed buying decision, first get the idea of what aftermarket and OEM Suzuki motorcycle parts are.

Spelling Out OEM Suzuki Motorcycle Parts
OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. So if you buy OEM Suzuki motorcycle parts, this means that you are getting the parts that are exactly identical to those parts that you are replacing. This does not necessarily mean that Suzuki actually manufactured these parts. As you may already know, a good number of motorcycle and carmakers do not produce every part they use in their vehicles. Typically, there are certain parts that are developed and produced by other companies which the motorcycle company uses in their bikes, or package them with their trademark to be marketed as OEM parts.

If you want the original, then you need to go to your local Suzuki dealer, or find a reputable on-line OEM parts website. Getting OEM parts assures you of the same performance that you had before you needed to replace the part, no more, no less.

4 Things to Take Note About OEM Suzuki Motorcycle Parts
1. OEM parts are typically priced higher than aftermarket parts. This is usually because the parts come with a longer warranty, and you are guaranteed an exact replacement.

2. OEM replacement parts are positioned in marketing as of superior quality as compared to other parts, and are thus, the preferred choice for replacing motorcycle parts. This can sometimes be true, but remember, this is not the case all the time.

3. Opt for OEM Suzuki motorcycle parts if your Suzuki bike is still covered with warranty to avoid forfeiting your warranty. The parts should also be installed by authorized mechanics in order to keep your warranty from becoming void.

4. Do your research before you purchase the Suzuki part, you may find it cheaper on–line, but make sure it is a genuine Suzuki part. You should also consider shipping costs, those large heavy items can cost as much in shipping as the actual part, how much are you really saving?

Taking Aftermarket Suzuki Motorcycle Parts To Pieces

Aftermarket parts are those produced by companies that did not originally manufacture the parts. Meaning to say, if you buy an aftermarket part, you get an altogether different part that could work just as well.

What You Should Know About Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts:

1. Quite often you will find aftermarket parts at a lower cost then the OEM parts.

2. Just make sure to choose the right aftermarket parts, because their performance could be similar to or better than that of the original parts; or they could be inferior. Read up on online reviews, ask other Suzuki motorcycle owners, or talk to you local dealers parts or service department employees to help you pick the right brands.

3. If you are looking to upgrade the performance of your Suzuki, then going for premium aftermarket parts would be a choice to take under serious consideration. Titanium, carbon fiber, aluminum parts, or whatever top-grade parts you may be looking for, you can find it among the hoard of high-end aftermarket parts.

4. Pick aftermarket motorcycle parts only if the warranty for your Suzuki won’t be affected. Otherwise, you may void your warranty if you use aftermarket parts and have it installed by an unauthorized mechanic. Your local dealer will have this information for you.

Suzuki motorcycle parts can be replaced with either OEM or aftermarket parts depending on your circumstances. It is a matter of personal decision. Whatever your choice, make sure they improve your ride, and at the very least, maintain its performance.