Accessorize Your Kawasaki Versys With A Zero Gravity Windscreen

The Kawasaki Versys is a motorcycle that combines some of the best features found in sportbikes, touring motorcycles and dual-purpose motorcycles. With a liquid-cooled, 4-stroke 649cc engine, a more upright riding position and longer suspension travel, the Kawasaki Versys offers the rider and passenger comfort whether commuting to and from work, taking long road trips through winding roads, or even a day at the track. 

The Kawasaki Versys already comes standard with a clear windscreen that offers three-position adjustability, but Zero Gravity has just introduced two new windscreens that offer a little more.

Zero Gravity SR Series Windscreen

The Zero Gravity SR Series Windscreen has the same stock lines as the standard windscreen, but simply put, instead of clear it comes in a light smoke tint.  Very closely matched to both the size and the shape as the windscreen already on the Kawasaki Versys, so it attaches easily without the need to purchase additional hardware.

Zero Gravity Sport Touring Series Windscreen

As long-distance riders know, riding upright can be challenging when riding for long periods of time against the wind.  The Zero Gravity Sport Touring Series Windscreen is 4” taller than the stock windscreen, giving the rider maximum wind protection while riding in the upright position on the Kawasaki Versys.  Just like the SR Series Windscreen, this windscreen also bolts right on with the factory hardware. You can also find these windscreens in a variety of colors.

These windscreens are all designed with optimal clarity and hand polished visible edges.  Starting at $89.95 and coming with a limited factory warranty, if you are looking for an easy, inexpensive way to upgrade your Kawasaki Versys, consider a new Zero Gravity windscreen.