Share Your Motorcycle In A Motorcycle Share Program

A motorcycle dealership, Juniper’s Motorcycles in Gowanus, Brooklyn, offers motorcycle riders an opportunity to ride a full fleet of motorcycles without owning a motorcycle. Their motorcycle share program offers a few different options as well.

The first option is becoming a member of the MotoShare club. MotoShare offers fractional ownership to members who can lease their motorcycle to Jupiter’s and ride other motorcycles in the share program, while Jupiter takes care of the storage, taxes, insurance and maintenance. Members pay either a monthly fee starting at around $80.00 per month or can sign up for an annual membership starting as low as $200.00 per year. Membership offers riders the chance to take primarily European models; BMW, Ducati and Triumph motorcycles, for an occasional ride without the high costs of ownership.

Another option for those looking to ride through the city on a beautiful day is Jupiter’s rental program.  Riders don’t have to limit themselves to one day though; rentals are available for longer getaways as well.  Motorcycle rental rates range from $99 to $199 per day with discounts available for those looking to rent the bike for a road trip.

Another great feature of the motorcycle share program is that members have access to a full range of motorcycle gear that can be included in their monthly membership.

The motorcycle share program is a great idea for those who find the costs of owning a motorcycle far exceeding their budget yet a small monthly membership can offer them a wide range of motorcycles for riding enjoyment.