Even The Smaller 2013 Yamaha Grizzly ATVs Work and Play Hard

If you are looking for a smaller, affordable, user friendly ATV for work and play, Yamaha Motor Corporation just might have what your looking for in their 2013 Yamaha Grizzly ATV lineup.  The smallest two in the Grizzly line-up are the Grizzly 300 and the Grizzly 125; don’t let the displacement fool you (287ccs and 124ccs respectively) these ATVs are for riders ages 16 and older and are fully capable of making work a little easier and play a little more fun.

The Yamaha Grizzly 300 has a 287cc, liquid-cooled engine and an automatic dual range transmission that offers high, low neutral and reverse.  The Yamaha Grizzly 300 is not intimidating, yet packs enough power to do the job.  Other great features include a push-button start, rear disc brakes and full fenders and floorboards to keep mud off the rider.  The Yamaha Grizzly 300 also comes with front and rear racks that can hold 44 lbs in the front and 99 lbs in the rear, capable of carrying plenty of gear on a trip or tools for work.  Available in Steel Blue, Hunter Green or Red, starting price for the Yamaha Grizzly 300 is $4199.00

 The Yamaha Grizzly 125 has a 124cc, air-cooled engine and a fully automatic transmission that offers forward, neutral and reverse, great for those just starting to ride ATVs.  Another great feature for beginners is the adjustable throttle limiter, giving adult supervisors the chance to add power as the rider becomes more experienced. Just like the Yamaha Grizzly 300, wide fenders and full floorboards offer protection against the mud. The Grizzly 125 also has front and rear racks capable of holding 11 lbs in the front and 22 lbs in the rear.  Available only in Hunter Green and a starting price of $3699, this ATV can provide years of fun and enjoyment for the entire family.

Yamaha Motor Corporation makes a wide variety of bolt-on accessories for the Yamaha Grizzly line-up, making them even more versatile, no matter the size.  Some of these accessories include tire chains, skid plates, front bumper shields and overfenders.  So, if you thought you couldn’t afford an ATV that could be used for work and fun, check out the Yamaha Grizzly line-up at your local Yamaha dealership and you might be pleasantly surprised.