A Honda Motorcycle Dealer Not A Honda Car Dealer

When you go shopping for your next Honda bike, whether it is on-line, over the phone, or in person, remember there is a big difference between Honda car dealers and Honda motorcycle dealers.

Not only do Honda motorcycle dealers sell Honda bikes, they also sell atvs, utvs, dirt bikes and some even carry Honda power equipment. Walk into a Honda car dealership and all you’ll find are cars and a lot of fast talking sales people. Honda motorcycle salesman are a little different, a majority of them have a passion for the sport and know you are visiting their store to purchase some fun, not just a way to get to and from work.

Concord, North Carolina or Concord, California?

When looking for a Honda dealership in Concord, North Carolina, the Honda logo displaying the wing will indicate you’ve come to the right place if searching for your favorite Honda powersport toy. Concord Honda, located in Concord, California and Honda of Concord in North Carolina are both Honda car dealers looking for you business. If it’s a Honda motorcycle dealer you are looking for, two of the best are Ride Now Concord Powersports, in Concord, North Carolina; or Contra Costa Powersports located in Concord California. Contra Costa Powersports, located near San Francisco, also carry Kawasaki and Suzuki as well as the Honda line-up. Ride Now in Concord, North Carolina carries 10 different lines of powersports brands; besides Honda you can find Indian, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Polaris, Victory, Lehman, Champion Trikes, Slingshot and Suzuki all under one roof.

Huntington Honda

Huntington Honda is a car dealer located in Long Island, New York. The Honda motorcycle dealer to visit in Long Island is Champion Honda – their website boasts they are the “only EXCLUSIVE “Honda Dealer” in the Long Island and New York City Vicinity!” This means that you can really get the expertise and knowledge you are looking for when considering a Honda powersport purchase.

The Honda Logo

Remember, look for the Honda logo when looking for a Honda Motorcycle Dealer, and big city or small town, you’ll find some of the best bikes on the road.