Renegade Wheels

Renegade wheels are custom motorcycle wheels created for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. These chrome motorcycle rims are 3-d machined and offer a unique customized look to any Harley-Davidson.

The Lincoln-Phantom cut are the newest of the motorcycle wheels and rims offered by Renegade Wheels. These rims have 9 uniquely machined spokes that create an illusion of a twist. They have an outward design that can be seen under the largest of deep cut bags and are available in black anodized or show chrome. Every rim is hand polished for the look of true perfection. The smallest rim size is a 16 x 3.5” and start at $1399, the largest is a 30 x 4” rim and start at $3299.

Renegade wheels also carry a large selection of bagger wheels.

For a Road Glide you can get a beautiful set of Phoenix Elite Rims including all the hardware and spacers for around $5000.00.

With over 35 different rims to choose from, including the Phantom-Cut series rims and the Elite-Cut series rims you can also purchase matching air cleaners, cog-drive® rotors, pulleys, sprockets and hidden axle kits to complete your custom renegade look on your Harley. The cog-drive® rotors are matching rotors that offer the latest in braking technology with an improved captive spiral ring design and has the appearance of floating rotors minus the look of unsightly hardware.

Check out the Renegade Wheels website,, to see all the different cuts and designs available as well as a complete price list.