Crucial Points To Consider When Purchasing A Yamaha Generator

Yamaha makes a wide array of products. Motorcycles, Musical Instruments, Theatre Systems, and yes, even Generators. Yamaha’s commitment to providing quality generators that provide consistent performance makes a great choice when you are ready to purchase a generator. Whether you will be using the generator for tailgating, camping, home outages or industrial use, here are some important points to consider before you buy.

Consider What You Will Be Using The Generator For

Will you be using your generator for tailgating or simple outdoor activities? If so, then you should look at the lightweight models. Easy to transport, fuel efficient and minimal running times should suffice. If you are planning on running some small appliances in a power outage, or are using it with an RV, the premium models are a little heavier but can handle larger loads, including an RV air conditioner, or multiple small appliances in your home. If your needs are industrial, Yamaha makes industrial generators that start at 4000 watts, these big boys are great on construction sites, or as home back-ups in power emergencies.

Consider What Features You Will Need

Some models are available with an electric start, but not all, so if this in an important feature for you, narrow your choices by making sure you look at those with electric start.
You can also find some with wireless remote control, so starting and stopping the generator can be done over 50 feet away from the actual generator. Keep in mind that your generator will require gas and oil, you can find generators with an automatic shut off so when the oil level runs low, your generator will automatically shut off to prevent engine damage.

Consider Your Budget

If you had a freezer full of food, and your power went out for three days, perhaps spending a little more on a larger generator is something you should consider, even if it is priced a little outside your budget, the benefits could outweigh the losses if you are in an area that experiences a lot of power outages. On the flip side, don’t go overboard on a large generator that you will only use when camping twice a year. The smaller generators will provide enough power and run quieter.

Yamaha currently makes over 15 generators for both consumer and commercial use, so when you choose your Yamaha Generator, explore all your options and consider the above points when making your buying decision.