Motorcycle Exhibit At The National Packard Museum

Located in Warren, Ohio, which is about an hour away from Akron, Cleveland or the city of Pittsburgh, is the NationalPackardMuseum.  Going on now through June 1, 2014 is the NationalPackardMuseum’s 14th Annual Antique Motorcycle Exhibit called “Motorcycles 3 for 10”.

The exhibit is featuring three significant motorcycles and one vintage bicycle from each decade of the Twentieth Century.

Visitors will get a chance to check out some rare and seldom seen vintage motorcycles as well as get an education on how the motorcycle industry has changed throughout the 21st Century.

Just a few of the motorcycles on exhibit at the Packard Museum include a 1904 Columbia Motorcycle manufactured by industrialist Colonel Albert Pope, who also built automobiles and bicycles; a rare 1978 Rokon RT 340 Enduro bike with a rope start; and an award-winning restored 1934 Indian 4 cylinder motorcycle.

A visual illustration of ten decades of motorcycle engineering advancements is just the beginning of the education the exhibit has to offer.  Visitors will find the answer too many questions like when “kick starting” was introduced, the first event at the Indianapolis Speedway, when the Boy Scouts of America was founded or what Russian Czar ordered 300 Packard Cars? Other questions that will be answered include what was the first motorcycle to top 100mph, or how Packard history and Motorcycle history intersect and how WWI and WWII affected both Motorcycle and Packard engineering.

In conjunction with the motorcycle exhibit, Saturday morning lectures will be held from 11:00am to noon on the following dates and are included with the price of admission:

February 8, 2014         “Preserving Manuals and Memorabilia in the Digital Age”

March 8, 2014             “Hands On Motorcycle Restoration Tips”

April 12, 2014              “Riding (bicycles that is) in Northeast Ohio

May 10, 2014              “Group Riding Safety”

The National Packard Museum is located at 1899 Mahoning Avenue N.W. is Warren, Ohio, the birthplace of the Packard and for more information on the motorcycle exhibit or the museum you can check out there website at