A New Open-Face Helmet From Bell That Offers A Little More Coverage

Bell Helmets has just released a new open-face helmet that offers riders some protection from inclement weather conditions. An open-face helmet offers very little in the way of facial protection and Bell Helmets’ new Rogue helmet looks and protects like no other open-face helmet on the market.

Riders who choose to wear an open-face helmet find themselves wrapping a bandana around their face when the wind and rain make riding uncomfortable. The new Rogue helmet is made with an adjustable and detachable muzzle that can replace the bandana.  Attached to the helmet with a magnetic latch system, the muzzle is not only fully adjustable but also comes with air vents and a fleece liner.

Even though the Rogue looks like a half-helmet, it is actually an open-face helmet with a three-quarter design. The Rogue has an EPS extending down the rear portion of the shell and into a neck roll pad, the EPS and the liner will be available in three sizes. The Rogue is also DOT-certified and will be available in solid black, solid matte black, solid gunny and army green. The MSRP of this helmet has not yet been released.

Open-face helmets generally appeal to the cruiser crowd, but Bell is thinking they may attract even more users with the unique looking helmet that Bell is touting as “ominous”.

Expect to get more details on this open-face helmet in March, when riding season begins in the Midwest and the helmets start arriving in dealerships for sale to consumers. Bell is also expected to launch a unique marketing campaign for the Rogue at the same time, a helmet that changes the overall look and profile of the typical motorcycle helmet, it will be interesting to see how well this helmet does on the market.