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You can have fun with motorbikes on the road or on the computer. A motorbike is a two or three wheel vehicle that is motorized. When on the road (or in some cases off-road), they are referred to as motorcycles, cycles, or motor bikes, based on their usage. When on the computer, or I-phone or I-pad, you can find numerous motorbike games.

Motorbikes are driven both on and off road, for cruising or commuting as well as on-road and off-road racing. Although motorcycles are great for fuel economy and in some developing countries are the main mode of transportation, they are often criticized due to the numerous motorcycle accidents that result from their use.

The fear of a bike accident may defer some people from using a motorbike for commuting, but there are benefits as well. In the UK, motorcycles are exempt from various toll charges at river crossings, and they are also exempt from the daily London congestion charge that car drivers must pay. In the United States, some cities allow bikers to share a lane, or are permitted to move between vehicles in stopped or slowed traffic, known as lane-splitting. Unfortunately though, lane-splitting has resulted in some serious bike crashes.

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A safer way to enjoy motorbikes would be in your favorite chair playing bike games online. Just google bike games and you can find many kinds of 3d racing games online, dirt biking games as well as all kind of vehicle racing games. A good site to check out would be Playtruckgames net ( Although motorbike is not in the title, you will find numerous atv games, on and off road 3d racing games, muscle car games, stunt games, actually nearly any kind of vehicle game you can think of.

If you choose to go the on-road motorbike route, be sure to gear up well with a helmet and other riding apparel. If you choose to play from your couch, anything will do.