Improve Motorcycle Suspension with the 444 Series Shock

If you own a Kawasaki Vulcan, Suzuki Boulevard or a Suzuki Marauder and are looking to improve your ride with a different motorcycle suspension,  you may be interested in the new 444 Series shock from Progressive Suspension.  This shock uses a feature called Frequency Sensing Technology (FST), which is a design that allows the shock to dynamically adjust damping while on the road, it does this by sensing the frequency of a bump and then automatically adjust damping for a better ride. 

It is said to be like having two sets of shocks on your bike.  One set handles the everyday rough road surfaces, weather cracks and road expansions by efficiently and smoothly getting rid of those road issues.  The second set takes care of bottoming control and cornering stability when the rider comes upon nasty large speed bumps and drainage ditches.

No tools are necessary, as adjusting to a riders weight and riding style is done with the turn of a top cap. It is made of an all aluminum body with deflective disc valving and progressive spring rates.  This patent-pending technology also features frequency sensitive damping circuits and comes anodized and gas-filled.

You can find these at your local motorcycle dealer in black or chrome and your choice of a standard or a heavy-duty spring rate.  They are sold as a pair and come with a lifetime warranty.