Considerations For Traveling With Cigars

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As a recreational traveler, transporting cigars can be a pain. Whether you own a motorcycle, scooter, or ATV, there are some things to consider when bringing your favorite cigars and accessories along for the ride.

When you gear up to go on a ride, the accessories you bring along need to be rugged and durable. A box of matches in a soaked jacket won’t suffice! One of my favorite lighters just happens to be one of the most rugged and durable I’ve come across. The Blazer Pocket Micro Torch can handle just about any conditions. With a wind resistant  2500 degree flame and chain-attached safety cap, this single-flame lighter will be ready. Also, if you feel the need to solder Gold with this sucker, you’d be glad to know that the continuous burn time is approximately 20 minutes!

Next, you’re going to need a sturdy case to pack your cigars in. Unless you’re cramming your favorite humidor inside a large bag (highly unlikely…and stupid), you’d be better off with something travel-ready. For this very reason, I’m not sure what I’d do without my Cigar Caddy cases. These cases are designed exactly for the type of severe conditions encountered during a motorcycle or ATV ride. They come in different sizes and colors and hold anywhere from two cigars clear up to forty! Hopefully you’ll never need to rely on these specifications, but they are also crushproof and water resistant up to 100 feet and they float, too. If you’re concerned about proper humidification, any Cigar Caddy holding more than two cigars comes with proper humidification equipment.

I typically carry a pair of the MTX multi-tool Xikar cigar scissors while riding. Not to say that a normal guillotine cutter won’t “cut it”, I would just rather have some extra functionality available. Also, based on your skill set, you get an extremely precise cut. Some attachments include: a cigar poker for those plugged sticks, a cigar box opener, handy screwdriver, and a bottle opener. Sounds like the perfect “dude” multi-tool to me! The feature I like best is how they fold up into a very pocket-ready size.

Chances are probably good that you’ve needed to put your cigar down for whatever reason only to discover there really isn’t a good place for it! You sure don’t want to set it on the ground. For this purpose, I like to use the Get-A-Grip Clip. This thing attaches to virtually anything. I’ve clipped it onto my four-wheeler, BBQ grill, table, folding chair, and more. It also stands on its own too.

Armed with these accessories, I’ve never had difficulty enjoying a quality cigar at the end of a lengthy travel day. Hopefully your cigars arrive at the destination in the same condition as you; safe and sound. Enjoy!