Helmet Accessories

Not only can you accessorize your motorcycle, ATV or scooter, but did you know you can also find some pretty cool accessories to personalize your helmet? You could get your helmet custom painted for probably more than the cost of a helmet, but now you can find some pretty inexpensive alternatives.

· Quick Release Buckles. These have been around for a while, but new riders and those just starting to wear helmets are being introduced to this gadget at their local dealer. It’s an easy, quick way to buckle and unbuckle your helmet. Very easy to install and made with serrated edges so you can use it when wearing gloves. You can find these at dealers for under $10.00. · Mohawks. In many colors and designs, Mohawks can add some color and flare to your riding style. Prefer a ponytail? Your hair will blow in the wind with your helmet on! Find these for under $20.00. · Spikes. The same concept as Mohawks, spikes can be found in chrome and steel. Get skull and crossbones or Maltese cross strip, or even uneven spikes that come on two-sided tape to adhere to your helmet. These fun accessories can be purchased starting around $20.00. · Shields and Visors. You can buy shaded visors or shields for daylight and clear or tinted for night riding. You can find orange or yellow tinted high definition shields for both day and night riding. Shields and visors can range in price depending on the quality, color and thickness.

· Led Lights. Want to make sure you are seen at night? Led lights are now available for helmets. For under $40.00 you can light up your helmet and let people see you ride without the cost of installing them on your motorcycle.