Glow In The Dark Motorcycle Helmets | Power Sports and More

 For those of you who like to ride at night and want to enhance your presence on the road, the Vemar Eclipse Night Vision Helmet may be just what you are looking for.  Providing excellent protection, great ventilation and comfort, consumers often find these motorcycle helmets a great choice. Vemar Helmets has been producing motorcycle helmets since 1986 and offers a wide range of helmets for children, racers, and everyday riders.

How These Motorcycle Helmets Glow

The Night Vision helmet is painted with a special paint that contains a phosphorescent pigment, which is how it is able to glow in the dark. These motorcycle helmets absorb

UV rays from the sunlight. The longer they are exposed to the sun, the longer the glow will last in the dark. When they become fully absorbed with the UV rays they can glow for up to eight hours, but the glow will fade after a few hours, eventually losing their glow until exposed to the sun again.  No matter how many times the helmet “recharges” in the sun, the glow will not wear out.

Other Helmet Features

Besides glowing in the dark, the 2012 Vemar Eclipse Night Vision Helmet also comes with better visor sealing with an all-new visor gasket and a brand new face shield mechanism. Improved ventilation comes on the 2012 model with 4 intake vents on the top and two large exhaust vents in the rear of the helmet making sure the bike rider get’s cool air inside the helmet while riding. The semi-tinted visor provides effective eye and face protection and minimizes outside and interior noise while riding. The removable and washable cheek pads are soft but sturdy enough for a good full face helmet fit.

This helmet also has an aerodynamic, mid-oval shaped, high impact shell, a padded chinstrap and removable and washable cheek pads.

This glow in the dark motorcycle helmet is painted a normal off-white color upon production and during the day. But when night comes, it glows bright green, enabling drivers to spot motorcycle riders from a safe distance away.

The Vemar Eclipse Night Vision Helmet is EC and DOT certified and comes with a five- year warranty. Along with the helmet, the consumer will also get a helmet bag and a detailed user guide. For the price, many of the same features without the “glow” can be found on numerous motorcycle helmets, making this helmet a great option. Available from small to XXL, this helmet is a sure fit for motorcyclists everywhere.