The All Honda 2014 CRF125F And CRF125F Big Wheel Off-Road Bikes

In 2013, Honda replaced the popular CRF70F with the CRF110F as a great entry-level off-road bike for kids.  For 2014, Honda is replacing two more off-road bikes with the CRF125F and the CRF125F Big Wheel.

The Honda Motorcycle off-road bike family has been around for years and handed down from generation to generation.  First, in 1968, was the Z50R and then XR70, XR80, XR100. In 2004, the model names changed to the CRF50F, CRF70F, CRF80F, CRF100F but the bikes were basically the same. Ten years later, Honda has decided to completely change the off-road bike family, not by changing the names, but by changing the numbers.

In 2013, Honda replaced the CRF70F with the CRF110F.  The numbers sound like a big jump in engine size, but the changes were quite minimal in regards to power.  Both the CRF70F and the CRF110F taught the rider to shift without using a hand clutch, both are three speeds and the lower seat height on the CRF110F made it the same size as the CRF70F.

For 2014, Honda is replacing the CRF80F with the CRF125F and the CRF100F with the CRF125F Big Wheel.  The CRF125F seat height, at 28.9 inches, is the same as the CRF80F and the CRF125F Big Wheel seat height matches the seat height on the CRF100F it’s replacing. The CRF125’s have been redesigned to match the look of Honda’s winning line-up of Motocross bikes. The off-road play bikes now have electric start, as opposed to a kick start; a four-speed gearbox, a new hydraulic front disc brake and a rear drum brake, a 31mm fork providing enhanced front suspension action and an adjustable front brake lever to suit the rider’s hand size. The 125cc single-cylinder OHC four-stroke engine has been tuned for loads of low-end grunt plus plenty of pull throughout the power band.

If you are interested in checking out one of these great new off-road bikes (Christmas will be here before you know it!) your local Honda Powersports Dealership should have these on the floor as soon as August 2013.