Demo An Electric Motorcycle

Zero Motorcycles just announced that Saturday, May 19th will be National Demo Day, and has even named the event “Ride a Zero Motorcycle – Join the Silent Revolution Demo Day”.

With electric motorcycles being the fastest growing segment of the motorcycle industry, Zero Motorcycles is trying to increase awareness of it’s products to both new and experienced riders and a sunny Saturday afternoon demo ride is the perfect way to do it.

In an effort to teach consumers more about electric motorcycles, Zero Motorcycle dealers will be offering the demo rides all day to licensed motorcycle riders and providing them with information about electric motorcycles.  Many dealerships will also have Zero factory reps on hand to answer consumer questions as well.

Zero Motorcycles is also looking for feedback from riders so they can enhance and improve their line of electric motorcycles for future production.

For a list of participating dealers you can visit the Zero Motorcycle’s website.

We’d love to hear from anyone who has a Zero Motorcycle or attends the demo ride.  Let us know what you think.