Custom Motorcycle Helmets For All Riders

HJC just released some of the newest and coolest motorcycle helmets for 2016. Whether you’re looking for safety, style, comfort, or just following state law, there are tons of custom motorcycle helmets to choose from designed by many different manufacturers.

Three new cool motorcycle helmets being released to the public in the next month are the HJC IS-17 Iron Man motorcycle Helmet, the CL-17 Captain America motorcycle helmet and the CL-17 The Punisher motorcycle helmet – all three are officially licensed by Marvel.

The Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet is an IS-17 Model – this model is a full face DOT approved helmet with a one-touch integrated smoke tinted sunshield under the anti-scratch face shield, which also provides 95% UV protection. The interior fabric is anti-bacterial and moisture wicking with the crown and cheek pads being fully removable and washable. The IS-17 helmet models retail for around $199.99 but the Iron Man helmet will be starting at $249.99 and will be available in sizes XS to 2XL.

The Captain America Helmet is a CL-17 Model. The CL-17 is both SNELL and DOT approved (the SNELL approval is one level higher than DOT approval, but DOT is still considered very good protection).  Although lacking the integrated sunshield, the change from the anti-scratch clear windshield to a tinted windshield is quick, easy and requires no tools.  Another cool feature is the “ACS” Channeling Ventilation System, this system offers full front to back airflow and flushes heat and humidity up and out of the helmet – this feature is also standard on the IS-17 model.

The Punisher Helmet is this writers’ favorite – a CL-17 Model like the Captain America helmet and retailing for the same amount, $174.99. The flat black color with white and grey designs on the side, rear and top of the helmet will match any and every motorcycle on the road.

The Punisher Helmet Top View

The Punisher Helmet Side View

The Punisher Helmet Rear View

Bell Rogue, Star Wars, and other custom helmets

The Bell Rogue Arc Helmet (designed and manufactured by Bell Industries) is one of the motorcycle half helmets that are popular in a state which requires motorcyclists to wear helmets…but also for those who prefer half helmets instead of full face helmets. This half helmet comes with a “muzzle” – the “Muzzle” features a removable breath box, and is both durable and well designed.  Although the “muzzle” provides comfort, the only protection if from the elements. The “muzzle” offers no protection at all in the event of an accident.  The helmet has a lightweight composite shell, a removable and washable interior, speaker pockets, a five-year warranty and is DOT approved.  This half helmet, which offers the comforts of a ¾ helmet with the “muzzle” retails for $249.95.

If Star Wars is your thing, the Stormtrooper motorcycle helmet, Darth Vader motorcycle helmet and others can be found on the internet, however, many of these cool helmets and not safe or DOT approved.

There are so many cool and custom motorcycle helmets – every rider is sure to find one that they love, but they should find one that will offer protection in the event of an accident. Your head my look good with that helmet on, but won’t feel so good if it’s serving its true purpose.