Buying Motorcycle Gear As A Christmas Gift

If you are looking to buy your favorite rider some motorcycle gear this Christmas, here are a few tips to keep in mind when searching for the perfect gift (and maybe a few suggestions).


Helmets are always a great gift, covering the head of your loved one is important for both safety and warmth.  Watch out for helmets that are not DOT approved or are described as novelty helmets. These helmets have not met the government standard safety ratings for protection in the event of an accident.  They may look really cool or fun and the price may be right, but if it is protection you are looking for, with these types of helmets you will get little to none.


Hundreds of riding jackets are available to choose from – the top of the line will include elbow, shoulder and back armor for protection, removable liners and forms of ventilation throughout the jacket for riding in warmer conditions and you can find them in leather or textile material. Keep in mind that motorcycle gear needs to fit snuggly to keep the wind from going through the torso, so avoid buying oversized jackets. Leather will also give a little over time, another reason to stay true to size when buying a motorcycle jacket.


You can find denim jeans that are made with Kevlar, the same type of protective material used in fireman’s gear. Coverage includes the hips, sides of the legs, shins, knees and throughout the seat, offering exceptional protection and coverage in the event of an accident. Mesh and leather pants are also popular options when buying motorcycle gear.


Motorcycle riding boots can look like cowboy boots, work boots and even gym shoes.  Look for boots with a steel toe and sometimes-extra enforcement on the top of the foot where the rider will use the shift peg.  Comfort is very important so you may want to stick to a style similar to what the rider is usually wearing.


You can find just about any type of glove for motorcycle riders.  Fingerless, leather, textile, textile vented, leather vented.  You will find gloves with gel in the palms (to reduce rider fatigue); leather with reinforced knuckles, waterproof leather, mesh with reinforcements, the list can truly go on and on. Finding the right gloves when searching for motorcycle gear is both easy and complicated. Consider where the rider will be wearing the gloves (long cruises, short trip to work, track days?) and then talk to your favorite dealer and see what they recommend.

If you are seeking looking to give true motorcycle gear, as a Christmas gift,  take the extra time to go into your local motorcycle dealership and buy motorcycle gear that was designed specifically for motorcycle riders.  You’ll be getting better value for your money and better protection for your motorcycle rider.