2012 Suzuki Motorcycles You Might Want To Consider

Not to be outdone by the other three major Japanese manufacturers, Suzuki rolled out their 2012 motorcycle models at their annual dealer convention.  From sport bikes, to cruisers to beginner’s bikes, here are some of the highlights for the new model year.

2012 GSXR1000:  Starting at $13,799, this motorcycle has been upgraded and refined with new colors and new styling.  With a new stainless steel exhaust, braking system and the chassis and suspension changes, this motorcycle has been redesigned for improved performance and better fuel economy.  Check out this link for all the details:


2012 BOULEVARD M109R:  This big, V-Twin power cruiser comes in a limited edition this year.  With a sporty style racing stripe, new style seat, custom gauges and taillights, the M109R starts at $14,799.  Not only does it look great, but this cruiser can also produce a massive amount of torque, which transfers into exhilarating performance.  Check out the specs through this link:


TU250X:  At an estimated 79mpg, this motorcycle not only has great fuel economy, but also a classic look that includes spoke wheels, lots of chrome and is lightweight for easy handling.  With a base price of $4099, it’s perfect for the novice rider, and still fun for the more experienced rider.  Affordable, fun and classic, check out the details at this link:


Suzuki offers a large selection of accessories for their 2012 motorcycles, so when you are checking out these bikes, don’t forget to talk to a parts representative to find out what’s available when you are ready to make your purchase.