Bikemaster – Affordable Motorcycle Parts & Accessories

Bikemaster is a producer of both parts and tools for motorcycles and atvs.  In business since 1983, Bikemaster products are distributed exclusively by Tucker Rocky distributors throughout North America. Bikemaster was started by bike enthusiasts and began with them creating tools to make working on their bikes easier, leading to the development of  parts to easily replace OEM  (original manufacturer) parts and accessories.

One of the most popular bike master products is their line of the bikemaster trugel battery.  The bikemaster trugel battery is different that the bikemaster battery.  The original bikemaster battery is like the standard wet sealed battery, it comes dry and you have to add the acid and charge the battery to it’s full life before you use it.  The bikemaster trugel battery is prefilled gel electrolye powersport battery that comes fully charged and ready to install and use immediately.

The Trugel Battery vs. the Wet Sealed Battery:

  • The trugel will have a longer storage life on the shelf and in the bike or atv
  • The trugel battery resists impacts and vibrations that can easily cause damage to a  wet battery
  • The trugel batteries can tolerate extreme temperatures (hot or cold) better than the wet batteries
  • If the case cracks on a trugel batter, it will not leak, unlike the wet battery
  • Trugel batteries can be installed at any angle, wet batteries cannot
  • If properly maintained, a trugel battery can have twice the life of a wet battery
  • The trugel battery has constant contact at all times which provides more cranking power and a longer life
  • A bikemaster trugel battery will not sulfate like a wet bikemaster battery
  • Trugel batteries come with a two year maufacturer warranty, wet sealed generally come with six months to one year

With all the great features on the trugel battery, you will pay a little more but it is worth the price –wondering if anyone out there ever had trugel battery and if they prefer that or a wet battery…

Bikemaster doesn’t stop at batteries, they also make some great replacement parts for minor dings and high quality maintenance parts.  One of their most popular replacement parts are the bikemaster mirrors.  The bikemaster mirrors look exactly like the original mirrors that came on the motorcycle or scooter and share the exact same bolt pattern.  Other aftermarket companies sell aftermarket mirror kits, but require additional drilling of holes; not only are the bikemaster mirrors half the price of the original factory mirrors, but the installation is super easy.

Other easy to install parts and accessories include motorcycle and atv grips and bar ends in an assortment of colors to match any vehicle. Handlebars are also replaceable and can be purchased in different angles and sizes to make riding more comfortable.  Light kits are another popular item for motorcycles but would require the assistance of a professional to install.  The installation of light kits often include rewiring of electrical systems as well as ensuring that the battery provides even power output and capacity to make sure the lights work.  Light kits also need to be installed correctly so they don’t drain the battery and leave the driver stranded.

Bikemaster has recently come out with a few new products to make working on your own bike a little easier. Whether you are cleaning, transporting or to moving it around in your garage, these are some new products worth checking into:

The Bikemaster Motorcycle Carrier:

An easy way to transport a motorcycle or scooter on the back of your pickup or SUV.

  • Made of heavy-duty steel construction
  • Powder Coated Black
  • Carries up to a 500 pound motorcycle with 5 inch wide tires
  • A steel loading ramp attaches securely to the carrier for easy loading and unloading
  • An anti-tilt bracket and front tire slot provide additional stability
  • Retail Price $179.95

The Bikemaster Adjustable Motorcycle Dolly:

A great way to move your motorcycle or scooter into tight fittng spaces.

  • More stability than a full size dolly
  • Easy an effortlessly move the dolly thanks to high quality wheels and bearings
  • Adjustable kick stand arm
  • Aluminum diamond plate finish – 65 inches in length, 1100 pound capacity
  • Retail price  $249.95

Bikemaster has thousands of parts available at Powersports Dealerships across the country.  They come highly recommended by parts salespeople as well as service managers and service technicians.  The ease of installation make them a popular brand for those that can replace parts and do minor maintenance on their own. They also offer a large selection of tools for those garage mechanics who like to work on their own vehicles, and at a much better price than Snap-On tools.