Suzuki 2017 VanVan 200 Overview


  • Suzuki 2017 VanVan 200
  • Engine type: 199cc, four-stroke, one-cylinder, air-cooled
  • Available in two colors: Metallic Triton Blue and Metallic Matte Fibroin Gray
  • Suggested Retail: $4,599


The original Suzuki VanVan released in 1972 came with a 123cc engine. It enjoyed immediate popularity and was produced for 10 years, until 1982, though it never made its way to the United States. Decades later in 2003, Suzuki brought back the VanVan to European markets with a 125cc engine, and again it enjoyed immediate popularity. Once again, the U.S. market never saw the VanVan.

With the 2017 VanVan 200 Suzuki has finally brought over a new iteration of the well-loved bike here to the United States, this time with a 199cc, four-stroke, air-cooled single-cylinder engine. Suzuki has tagged the VanVan 200 as “the bike that puts the FUN in FUNKY”. Fans of the original VanVan will also be pleased that the 200 stays true to its original scrambler spirit.

The bike seems to be aimed at a wide variety of entry-level riders, with a few key features making it incredibly user-friendly. The wide, low seat, wide handlebars, and low-and-long styling make for a spacious bike with noticeable comfort for leisurely rides. Suzuki calls the 2017 VanVan 200 a “neat, compact riding package” that’s ready to “get you smoothly across beachfront paths or countryside back roads.”

The retro vibes of the 2017 VanVan 200 add a cool aesthetic to an approachable and versatile bike that’s geared for “brisk acceleration and smooth cruising”. The styling of the bike includes a strong steel diamond-style frame providing for a low-slug look. Entry-level riders seeking out a bike with a more classic scrambler vibe are likely to be satisfied with both form and function of the VanVan 200.


Suzukui’s 2017 VanVan 200 for the U.S. market comes with an additional 75cc more than the 2003 European release, as well as an updated fuel injection system. The advanced, compact fuel injection that’s new to this iteration is tuned to give the machine nice street-friendly low- and mid-range torque.The five-speed transmission is what gives the 2017 VanVan 200 its solid combination of snappy acceleration and smooth riding.

The VanVan 200 also relies on a robust charging system for the battery in order to ensure smooth and simple push-button starting. Sure to be welcomed by entry-level riders, the bike also includes automatic idle speed control (ISC), making start up easier by preventing choke and ensuring the idle speed is always right where you want it. It also includes a one-piece grab bar with luggage hooks in order to attach cargo straps for the rider’s convenience.

Another feature highlighted by Suzuki is the 2017 VanVan 200’s wide 18-inch front and extra-wide 14-inch balloon tires, meant to enhance the bikes “classic retro look” and unique style, as well as ensure the bikes success on a variety of loose dirt roads. The wide, pleated, plush, and low seat is another feature that adds comfort for both the rider and passenger. Finally, the classic round headlight completes the original scrambler feel of the VanVan 200.

Here’s a summary of some notable specs and features on the SUZUKI 2017 VANVAN 200:

  • Engine: 199cc, four-stroke, one-cylinder, air-cooled
  • Five-speed transmission
  • Advanced, compact fuel injection and well-designed exhaust
  • Automatic idle speed control (ISC)
  • Push-button electric starting and robust charging system
  • Wide 18-inch front tire and extra-wide 14-inch balloon tires
  • Wet weight: 282 pounds
  • Low seat height (30 inches)
  • Wide, pleated, plush seat
  • Wide handlebars
  • Classic round upfront headlight
  • Black face speedometer wit white numbers
  • One-piece grab bar with luggage hooks for attaching cargo straps


Not surprisingly, the 2017 VanVan 200 rides very similarly to its 2003 predecessor. The 75cc difference is noticeable, but doesn’t impact the handling ability of the bike. Like typical scramblers, the VanVan 200 excels on dirt road, gravel road, and loose dirt rides, with the extra-wide tire even helping to qualify it as a sand bike.

Suzuki succeeded in the providing the bike with the “brisk acceleration and smooth cruising” that they were aiming for, ultimately producing a snappy little machine that really is a joy to ride. Overall, the VanVan is a lightweight bike capable of quite a bit. Any situation where the ground is a bit loose, it’s sure to get the job done.

Plus, the retro styling is reminiscent of the kind of bike you’d take on beach rides, back roads, and riverbanks, which just so happen to be the kinds of settings that the VanVan is extremely well suited for from a performance standpoint.

Basically, fans of the original VanVans will be pleased with how the 200 stays true to the spirit of its predecessors, and U.S. riders that never got to experience a VanVan finally can. If you’re looking for a lightweight, capable, and convenient bike for short trips and fun excursions, it truly is a solid, reliable option. Not to mention, the 2017 VanVan 200 is an affordable choice, starting at a reasonable $4,599.