Bike Week – Daytona, Florida 2012

If you think you may have missed it, waited to long to get down there, or didn’t realize it, Bike Week in Daytona, Florida is starting one week later than usual this year.  From March 9th through March 18th, Floridians will survive the onslaught of over half-million motorcycle riders, for the annual 10-day event known as Bike Week.

Starting a week later than the usual start during the first week of March, it follows both the Super Bowl and Daytona 500, events that were also pushed back a week later than normal. The festival includes motorcycle racing, live music, demo rides, and is even a stop for the Progressive International Motorcycle Show.

Motorcyclists can either spend a day at the track for a Harley Davidson event or mingle on the beach with the Spring breakers who are also beginning their annual treks to Florida.  Motorcycle dealers, local bars and restaurants, and even the Daytona race track will be filled with people just looking to have fun and start the motorcycle season off with a bang! Tattoos, live bands, cole slaw wrestling, and other fun events will surely put a boost in the Florida economy.

For more information or to see other events happening throughout Florida during bike week, you can check out the Bike Week website, Bike Week Calendar, or even the Bike Week channel.