AMA Announces April is ‘Get Out And Ride’ Month for 2012

Putting the annual excitement back into on and off road motorcycle riding, the American Motorcycle Association has announced that April will be ‘Get Out And Ride” month. With spring hitting record temperatures across the Midwest this year, motorcycles are hitting the roads already making April the perfect month for this annual event.

Every week of the month will focus on different motorcycle themes as listed below:

March 31 – April 6: “AMA Get Out And Ride Your Way” is the theme for the first week.  Show your individuality and your motorcycle off this week along with roads that are fun to travel when out on your own.

Sunbeam motorcycle Owners Rally (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

April 7 – April 13:  “AMA Get Out And Ride Together” rallies, local events and AMA sponsored rides will be the focus of this week. This week motorcycle enthusiasts are encouraged to enjoy the ride with others.

April 14 – April 20: “AMA Get Out And Ride For A Cause”, one of the greatest things about riding is riding to help those less fortunate and the AMA is a great way to find a deserving cause to ride for.

April 21 – April 27: “AMA Get Out And Ride Smart” is a great way to remember to take a refresher safety course, or just remind your fellow riders of the importance of training and the awareness skills needed to ensure a safe, enjoyable trip for everyone.

Also, the AMA has also joined the social media circle with a Facebook page, including a weekly motorcycle related question that will have a prize winner every week.  The AMA has also introduced “Freedom Friday”; every Friday they will alert motorcyclists about issues affecting the freedom of riding a motorcycle.