Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts May Save You Money – But Are They Safe?

Trying to save a little money when replacing your motorcycle parts or adding on aftermarket parts or accessories?  You may want to think twice when you are buying aftermarket parts off the Internet, at your local auto parts store, or even from your local dealership. 

It turns out that those teardrop mirrors, custom turn signals, or even that kit you bought to build your own motorcycle may not comply with federal standards, meant to keep the air clean of emissions and the roads safe. Not only that, but as you add aftermarket accessories to your motorcycle, you may find that the performance of your motorcycle is affected in an adverse way.  When the ad for the part you bought claims “more power” it may fail to mention that you also need to change other parts in order for your bike to run properly.

Common sense should play a role in deciding when to go with aftermarket products as opposed to parts made by the manufacturer of your motorcycle.  Even popular name brands may require a little research on your part. Electrical add-ons are certainly going to affect the electrical system on your motorcycle and improper installation can result in damaging the charging system, or worse yet, a fire.  Another consideration when customizing with turn signals, mirrors, smaller brake lights, and seemingly simple add-ons, is how well you can see other drivers and can they see you?

When Jesse James started customizing bikes on cable TV and that was followed by the reality show “American Chopper”, bikers went crazy customizing their bikes, and now it’s time to reel in the excitement and get to the reality of safety.