Zero Motorcycles Recalls 450 Electric Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles has announced the recall of 450 of their Electric Motorcycles; these motorcycles include the 2012 S, XU, DS and X models and the 2011 S, XU, DS, MXD and XD models.

Brake Lights are the cause of the current Zero Motorcycles Recalls

The recall for these vehicles involves a brake light issue.  In certain motorcycles of the models listed above, the brake light will not light up until a considerable amount of braking has occurred, therefore vehicles following these motorcycles will not be aware they are stopping.  The lack of a working brake light can result in a rear end collision that could result in injury or death to the rider.

Apparently the problem is in the brake light switch malfunctioning.  Owners of the affected vehicles will begin receiving notification from Zero Motorcycle on or after July 16, 2012.  A letter will be sent, advising owners of the need for them to take their Zero Motorcycle to the nearest Zero Motorcycle Dealer for a free inspection and replacement of the brake light switch if warranted by the inspection.  The cost of the switch and the labor required to replace the switch will be at no cost to the customer.

Zero Motorcycle customers with questions can call Zero Motorcycles at 831-438-3500, or they can contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at 1-888-327-4326, or visit the website  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is responsible for overseeing all recalls, including Zero Motorcycles recalls.