Zero Motorcycles Recalled For Power Issue

Although no accidents or injuries have been reported, Zero Motorcycle is recalling a little more than 650 motorcycles because the controller firmware may shut off power to the motor.

The shut off may occur when the controller firmware reacts to infrequently encountered signal faults which can then cut off controller power to the motor. If this should occur while the motorcycle is being driven the bike could just shut down while running.  Accidents could result from the drivers’ reaction to the loss of power or the motorcycle and driver becoming a sitting target on a busy street.

The following Models are Included in the Zero Motorcycles Recalled for the Power Issue:

Select 2012-2013 model year XU, S, and DS motorcycles

2013 FX motorcycles

Zero motorcycle will be contacting the owners of affected motorcycles beginning in Mid-January. Owners will be required to take their motorcycles to a Zero motorcycle dealer where an update will be done to the controller firmware free of charge.

Zero Motorcycles notified the NHTSA on December 13, 2013 and further information on the Zero Motorcycles recalled for this power issue and can be found on either Zero Motorcycles website ( or the NHTSA website (