Zero Electric Motorcycles Could Be A Smart Investment

Image via CrunchBase

Zero Electric Motorcycles are made in Santa Cruz.  A line of all electric motorcycles may seem like a turn off to some bikers, but these no emission, 114 miles per charge, highway, city or off-road riding vehicles are beginning to draw some attention.  While there has been an increase in electric and hybrid cars due to the prices of gas, there is now an eco-friendly motorcycle that can take riders just about anywhere.

When electric motorcycles first started hitting the market, they did not have the look, power or endurance that Zero Motorcycles has in their 2012 line-up.  With 5 models in their 2012 line-up, no shifting, no clutch, and the capability to charge in any standard AC outlet, these motorcycles are for both beginner and seasoned riders.

You can find two different street versions: the Zero S (street riding) and the Zero XU (urban riding); two different dirt versions, the Zero MX (tracks and jumping) or the Zero X (trail riding); and the Zero DS is the dual-sport bike.

The batteries have a life of 308,000 miles and the vehicles are very low maintenance. The motorcycles sell for anywhere between $7000 and $14000, depending on what you are looking for and can be customized to the rider’s taste for a little more.

Do you own an electric motorcycle, ever ridden one, or have an opinion about one?  We’d love to hear from you.