Youth ATV’s At A Glance- Some Cool Information For Parents

With the holidays approaching, many parents are considering gifts for their children.  Although you may be considering an ATV, it is against the law for Honda, Kawasaki or Yamaha dealers to knowingly sell an ATV to parents who will be allowing children under 12 to drive the vehicles.  These four-wheel machines may seem safer than a two-wheel dirt bike, but in truth they are not, so if your child is under the age of 16, but at least 12 years old, here are some ATV’s that you may want to consider starting them on.

The Yamaha Raptor 90 is a fully automatic, 88cc, air-cooled sport ATV.  The Raptor 90 comes with full floorboards for rider protection and an electric start with a kick-start back up.  There is a plug-in power restrictor that connects to the CDI box that can restrict the power output based on the experience of the rider.  Yamaha is the only company that not only offers it’s small ATV in two colors – blue or white, but with the white kit, the kids can choose the graphics they want.  Starting price on the Raptor 90 is $2699, and it comes with a six-month warranty.

The Kawasaki KFX90 is also fully automatic with an 89cc air-cooled engine.  The KFX90 also has an electric start with a kick-start back up, but has a keyed ignition.  Full floorboards, easy to use handlebar mounted brakes and two ways to limit power make this a good choice for a starter ATV.  Power can be limited with a throttle limiting screw and it also comes with a collar in the CVT transmission that can be removed at the rider gains experience.  Starting at $2699, in Kawasaki Lime Green, this ATV comes with a 12-month warranty.

The Honda TRX90 uses a clutchless transmission that requires the rider to shift.  This ATV with an 86cc, air-cooled engine also comes with a keyed ignition and a kick-start back up.  There is also an adjustable throttle to limit the speed and power until the rider gains experience.  Starting at $2999, this youth ATV comes in red.

Whatever ATV you choose for your youth, you should be sure to get all the gear that’s needed for protection, including a helmet, goggles, gloves and boots.  Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki also provide information the free ATV Rider Training Courses, a great way for your children to learn how to ride in a safe environment among their peers.