Yamaha Motorcycles – Choosing the Best Parts, Accessories, and Dealers of New and Used Yamaha Motorcycles

According to Wikipedia, Yamaha is a Japanese company that manufactures musical instruments then further ventured in manufacturing motorcycles. In the motorcycle business, the company comes second after Honda in Japan, and has also proven that it is world-class in terms of performance, style and power.

The company’s history started when they produced motorcycles in the year 1955 due to a realization from Genichi Kawakami that Japan would need affordable vehicles in order to be able to rise from WWII crisis. Since then, the company was unstoppable, further improving their vehicle and engine performance so that people will be comfortable and satisfied with their two-wheel drive.

In 1970, the first 4-stroke motorcycle was launched, the XS-1 or the 650cc vertical twin, followed by the famous shaft-driven XS-1100. Year 1979, the company invented fuel-saving engines, the Yamaha Induction Control System and  then in 1980’s the company released motorcycle models non-stop. The years 1981 to 1982 marked their venture in cruisers with the Virago 750, an air-cooled V-Twin cruiser. And in the 90’s, the two-stroke bikes became endangered because the YZ400F four-stroke motocross bike was launched. The VMAX, after being the brand’s flagship model for 20 years, was also doomed after the 1700cc V-4 engine was released. The brand underwent several changes through the years from marketing a regular model to a sport and performance vehicle.

Yamaha Motorcycle Dealers – Finding One

Finding a Yamaha Motorcycle Dealer is not that difficult. There are websites that have information about Yamaha dealers near your area like Motorcycle.com. The best one though, is of course found in Yamaha-Motor.com, the official page of Yamaha as they have an online dealer locator which will also allow you to search according to what kind of vehicle you’re looking for. The website’s locator also allows you to check the nearest dealer according to your complete address as opposed to searching using only zip code in other sites. Aside from that, dealers recognized by the official website may offer larger discounts, free items and insurance; so make sure you ask for these!

Yamaha Motorcycles For Sale in 2010 – 2011

If you’ve decided that you want to buy a motorcycle now and you want to know what kind of look you want to achieve, you may want to know what models are “in” for 2011. Bandit look-alike Yamaha FZ6, Yamaha Raider, YZ -250, YZF- R1, YZF-R6. FZ1, Yamaha Road Star Midnight Warrior and the 2009 FJR1300A are now available in new colors. For scooters, Yamaha has TMax,  Vino Classic, Zuma 125 and 50 and the C-3. Meanwhile, motocross models that are out in the market are YZ450F, four-stroke YZ250F, YZ125 and two-stroke YZ85. Enduro models are Yamaha WR250X supermoto, TW200, XT250 and WR250R. For those interested in big bikes, Yamaha YBR and SRX are still available in the market. Yamaha Royal Stars are also available for those who want to tour in luxury and style.

Searching for Yamaha Motorcycle Parts

Before even buying a Yamaha motorcycle, you must check whether parts are easily available for aftermarket. Parts, which are more important than an accessory is more sensitive. You have to make sure to buy parts only from a recommended source as one sub-standard part may spell accident to motorcycle owners. Parts must also be installed only by experienced mechanics with the use of specialized tools for the same reason – safety. To find replacement for parts, the best option is to go back to your dealership because chances are they have stocks of OEM parts for the vehicles they sell whether old or new.

As sensitive as they may be, only genuine spare parts such as tires, wheels, pipes, exhaust systems, batteries, battery packs and body fairings should be purchased. And for you to relay to a dealer what parts you need or if you’re going to ask for repair information, you should know your bike’s serial codes or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) . These numbers, which usually consist of 17 digits if made after 1982, are found in all Yamaha motorcycles.  VINs reveal a lot about your Yamaha motorcycle like when was it made, what factory made it and the features of the bike. If you want to know all this information, then search for a VIN decoder online. You should find the VIN on the right side of the steering stem before you phone a dealer or shop for a parts order because they will definitely ask for it. The manual that comes with your motorcycle may also contain further information regarding finding the VIN in your vehicle.

Yamaha Service Centers also have parts that are sold. You also have an option of buying parts through salvage yards, especially if you’re looking for vintage parts for your 1985 RZ350 or 1978 XS650, however, you really need to be extra careful in buying there as some of them may have some damage already.

Searching for Yamaha Motorcycle Accessories

Accessories, unlike parts are not too sensitive or not that important except if you are staging your motorcycle. These are used to give your motorcycle a custom-look. Some examples are leather seat covers, decals, helmets, jackets, apparel, clothing, saddlebags and windshields. These are also important although, buying these at an expensive price is only for aesthetic reasons and not  a case of road safety.

Hundreds of catalog and fiche sites are selling cheap helmets, covers for seats, jacket and windshields. Even forums and club sites are already involved in motorcycle accessory sales because it has been proven to be a lucrative business.

Yamaha Motorcycles USA Dealers

Since the first Yamaha motorcycle was sold in the U.S. in 1958, the sales continue to go up and as it happens, dealerships all around the country sprung. California, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and even Canada have had Yamaha motorcycle dealers.

Other countries also continue to show support for the brand as more dealers appear all over UK, India and Philippines.

Buying Used Yamaha Motorcycles

As a customer, you would want to find the cheapest yet most powerful Yamaha motorcycle. In this case, buying used ones will be okay and cost-effective. The brand creates only the best vehicles and their motorcycle parts are proven to be durable and made of high-quality materials,  thus, even if the motorcycle is an old model, it will still perform well. You can look for reviews and testimonials from forum web sites or even through motorcycle blogs. If you’re buying an old model, it is highly recommended to check whether the motorcycle being sold comes with a manual or if there are still manuals available for download online.

It does not matter if you decide to buy new or used Yamaha motorcycles; what matters is that you check and learn more about the model’s specification. Take care of your bike and at least learn basic troubleshooting so that you can always ensure your safety wherever you are.